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    hey everyone I'm Brad, I'm 31 I live in Australia and i am interested in wearing diapers (nappies here). I have an obsession with cloth ones mainly but don't mind disposables either. I also have an obsession with anything furry or fluffy as in blankets, cushions, throws, teddy bears and lingerie.

    Take care

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    Hi Fluffboy, and welcome. I am sure many of us are interested in the same things that you are

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    Okay, first off: Welcome to ADISC! I've yet to meet an Aussie on here I didn't like.

    Secondly: Maybe you should start off by telling us a little about yourself, like interests or hobbies. It's just that "Hi I'm ... and I have a ... fetish!" never tends to be a good conversation starter. No worries though, it happens all the time!

    I'll start. xD

    Hi, I'm Desco, your friendly neighborhood virus! =3
    I like fantasy novels, PC MMO games, and I've recently become addicted to Tap Tap Revenge for iTouch.
    I'm a college sophmore, CAD/Engineering major, and I love dogs <3.

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    Hello there

    Welcome to the forums! Like Descolada said, we're all about the community here, which means telling us about you as a person, not you as a fettishist

    What sort of stuff are you into in your day to day life? I'm a bit of a bookworm sometimes, although right now I look like some sort of studious student, since I'm in the work area of Starbucks, trying to fill time before I start work

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    Hi Brad, and welcome to ADISC! =)

    There's some good advice in the above posts. Nearly all of us like to wear diapers here, so that doesn't make you unique! Tell us more about yourself outside of the *B/DL world so we can see you as an individual, and it'll also help you to connect with other people who share your interests.

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