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Thread: well forthe first time im wearing a double bambino in public

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    Default well forthe first time im wearing a double bambino in public

    in surfcam programming right now its so loud and so far no ones noticed its crazy but this is the first time in public ever!!!!!

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    and you can walk without waddling like a duck? and no one notices that you gained three pants sizes overnight?

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    oh it's not that bad unless your doubling up or stuffing. I just spent my first day at work in a 247 and it's about as big as a bambino with a totaldry in it.

    Weird thing getting used to is the 247 is extra padding all over not just in front or middle. Creates a bit of a pooch on the behind if you know what I mean. And I had to go up and down stairs repeatedly today with someone insisting on darn near riding piggyback up the stairs on me, amazed he didn't hear the crinkle.

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    Never thought I would do this, but I did double bambinos a few times this summer at work (a university during the off season), and with the *very loose* shorts I seemed to be hidden pretty well, but probably any of us would spot it. I've gotten used to wearing single bambinos under dockers, and it does not look that obvious I am wearing. I've done this routinely for a couple years.

    My favorite combo now is a (med) bambino for a tight fit with a Dry 247 (med) over it for the baby feel and look - almost too much diaper. I am diapered this way as I write this, and I LOVE IT!!! I did try these under the same baggy shorts, and it's a bit harder to hide, so I have not dared to go out with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcwe3232 View Post
    the dry 24/7 is really that wide?
    They are pretty big and somewhat thick. I think there are pic comparisons around somewhere.

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