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    My name is Pampers93 and I have been a diaper lover ever since I was toilet trained. My interest in diapers is wetting and fetishism. That's pretty much it for diapers. My other interests include playing video games, acting, playing guitar, and watching stand up comedians. Currently, I am wearing the homade disposable diaper that was posted on the Wiki. It is the first time I have worn a diaper that fit me in years. I have only ever told a few close friends about my diaper fetish. Other than that, nobody knows. When I move out of my house, I'll probably order profesionaly made diapers through the mail, but in the mean time, this homade one will have to do.

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    Hello, welcome to the forums :-)

    I love stand up comedy as well - who are your favourite comedians? (I don't know many that aren't from the UK, but we might have some favourites in common)

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    Oooh stand up comedy! Me anc Charlie are practising to do an open mic night as a double act! Teehee! Who knows, one day you might be watching us on TV!!

    What sort of music are you into then?

    Welcome to the forums And kudos for a good well rounded introduction

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    I like a whole range of comedians from Ellen Degeneres to Chris Rock to Kathy Griffin.

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    Welcome to ADISC! =)

    Have you ever seen Rhod Gilbert? He's Welsh. The first time I ever saw this routine I was crying: YouTube - Rhod Gilbert - Luggage Problems

    You may also be interested in the Computers and Games forum. What sort of video games do you play? What consoles do you own?

    I'm glad you found the wiki useful!

    Just a slight negative though: you seem to have chosen yourself a typical *B/DL user name. Your user name is the biggest part of your identity here on ADISC, so we like to see a bit of imagination and originality! That said, it can be difficult to come up with a user name. There is some good advice in the wiki, however: Choosing a name - ADISC Wiki.

    Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your time here!

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