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Thread: Wheee--- *Crunches in*

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    Default Wheee--- *Crunches in*

    Greetings all. I've looked at this place now and then, just decided to make an account today.

    I'm an AB/DL and a babyfur at that. I've had on and off problems with wetting the bed. Fortunately they've subsided since I came to college.

    I'm a physics major, enjoy RP and just general internetting.
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    Raccoon sniffs the breeze and there's newbie on the wind... He pad-paws through the undergrowth in your direction, and freezes at the grassy limits, still hid, ready to break cover, and come running full-tilt toward the scent of newfur...

    We are raccoon. We are furtive; we are furgetful. Expect our pouncing.

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    Hi! My name's BernardFx Guess you could've figured that out alone :P Well, in intros, it's good that you go "outside the box" and talk generally about yourself. This community is pretty open about lots of stuff, so, why don't you tell us more? We gladly hear everyone!

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    Hi! Welcome to Adisc! Thats cool that you're going to college. I'm not into RP myself, but its not for everyone I guess

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