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Thread: Umm hi again?

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    Red face Umm hi again?

    hey everyone glassyeyedbb here with school boiling down to only a week left i finally have time to be on ADISC again, te flight from ADISC was worth it however as i passed with all A's in almost every subject. ADISC is s great it just consumes all of my time so i would have had no time for school work if i hadn't left for a while. So for all of those who know me don't know me and forgot bout me i'm glassyeyedbb. I'm a 14 going on 15 year old male Diaper Lover. I am one of the few african american diaper wearers out there and would lve to meet anyone regardless of their race, i won't be officially returning to TBDL until June but for everyone who thought i left i just like to say i'm back

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    whaddup?!?! I remember you! Well

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Congratulations on the good grades!

    Hope to see you around in June.

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    Good to have you back! I hope to start seeing you around more!

    Also I can relate about ADISC taking up a lot of time!

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    Good to have you back, even though I'm not around much myself considering all the projects i'm working on

    And well done with the exams, brainbox *hi-5*

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    Welcome back. I've missed you; I see that you jumped back in with both feet, and I guess that will continue until school takes up again

    As Eclipse mentioned above, I can relate to Adisc taking a lot of time. So just do what you can and keep yourself happy.
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    Hey nice to meet you, I myself am on th newer side. I wish you well, hope you have a great time while you are still on here.

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