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Thread: What favorite bands/songs of all time.

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    Cool What favorite bands/songs of all time.

    So what your favorite bands/songs of all time?
    Well my are....

    Favorite bands....
    1.)System of a Down
    4.)Black Sabbath
    5.)Green Day
    7.)Blue October
    8.)Alice in Chains
    10.)Linkin Park

    Favorite Songs....
    1.)Vermillion Part 1 & 2 - Slipknot
    2.)Time of Your Life - Green Day
    3.)Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
    4.)Rooster - Alice in Chains
    5.)Homies - ICP
    6.)Don't fear the reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
    7.)Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
    8.)Calling You - Blue October
    9.)Chop Suey - System of a Down
    10.)Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

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    for my fave bands these are my fave:
    linkin park
    cute is what we aim for
    hawthorne heights

    for songs these are my favorite:
    winnie the pooh song
    a whole new world
    colors of the wind
    I just can't wait to be king

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    Favorite Bands
    1) Styx
    2) Bon Jovi
    3) REO Speedwagon
    4) Journey
    5) Foreigner
    6) Evanescence
    7) ABBA
    8) Nickelback
    9) Queen
    10) Boston

    1) Come Sail Away -- Styx
    2) Livin' On A Prayer -- Bon Jovi
    3) Lovin, Touchin', Squeezin" -- Journey
    4) Bring Me To Life -- Evanescence
    5) It's My Life -- Bon Jovi
    6) Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen
    7) Carry On Wayward Son -- Kansas
    8) Summer of '69 -- Bryan Adams
    9) Take It On The Run -- REO Speedwagon
    10) Savin' Me -- Nickelback

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    1. Rammstein
    2. Eisbrecher
    3. Kraftwerk
    4. In Extremo
    5. N'sync
    6. Ozzy
    7. Def Lepeard
    8. ICP
    9. The Beatles
    10. Black Sabbath
    11. Led Zepplen
    12. Basshunter
    13. MCR
    14. Subway to Sally
    15. Dragon Force
    16. Puffy Ami Yumi
    17. Green Day
    18. Craddle of Filth
    19. Marilyn Manson
    20. The Doors

    I think there's some i'm missing but that's really it. You like what I listen to, send me a PM or IM me

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    Favorite Bands
    1. Bright Eyes
    2. Belle & Sebastian
    3. Neva Dinova
    4. Papa Roach
    5. Blink- 182
    6. Nickleback
    7. Snow Patrol
    8. Death Cab For Cuite
    9. Three Days Grace
    10. The Strokes

    Favorite Songs (some not done by bands listed above)
    1. No Lies, Just Love- Bright Eyes
    2. Wonderful- Everclear
    3. Lets Not $(!# Ourselves (to love and be loved)- Bright Eyes
    4. Black Comedy -Bright Eyes
    5. A Perfect Sonnet- Bright Eyes
    6. Still (Reprise)- Ben Folds (its one of the songs from Over The Hedge)
    7. At Least The Pain Is Real- Neva Dinova
    8. Hat O'er Eyes- Neva Dinova
    9. Posion- Neva Dinova
    10. Tripped- Neva Dinova

    Oh yeah if you can't tell by the songs and the top band Bright Eyes I like depressing stuff.

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    Favorite Singers/Bands
    1. Judy Garland
    2. Evanescence
    3. Carrie Underwood

    Favorite Songs
    1. Over the Rainbow
    2. Imaginary
    3. Jesus, Take the Wheel
    4. Part of that World
    5. Who I Am

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    The only song you need:

    Boards of Canada - Triangles & Rhombuses

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    Favoritist band: The Killers...Favoritist song by them: For Reasons Unknown...Secondest favorite song by them: Under the Gun...

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    I can't name my favorite songs, that's too hard, but I can name bands...

    System of a Down, Linkin Park, Alice in Chains, Tool, Green Day, Nirvana, Soundgarden, JAM Project (except I prefer when they're not singing), and Buckethead. Keep in mind that I like lots and lots and lots of other bands too, but those are my top favorites.

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