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Thread: Hi everyone.

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    Default Hi everyone.

    i am a guy, and i love diapers. im not an AB or anything pervy. i just like to wear diapers and use them. thats it. and ofcourse, my fave diaper is the bambino diaper, even tho ive never used it before. only 1 other person knows about this. any reccomends on ways to get or make diapers without my parents knowing? thanks

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    Wow, first of all you've managed to suggest about half of the members here are pervy!

    How can a Bambino be your favourite if you've never used it before?

    Go and introduce yourself properly, and then look in the TB section for the hundreds of other threads with perfectly responses asking exactly the same question.

    These links will help you write a more eloquent and helpful introdution:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    Welcome to ADISC. Looking forward to reading more from you soon

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    Hmm... insulting the community you are trying to connect with may not be the best way to start attracting friends. We are a fairly open minded group and will gladly accept you if you are willing to accept us. With that, welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinoman View Post
    im not an AB or anything pervy.
    Define 'pervy.'

    Your favorite diaper is the one most carefully designed and manufactured specifically for AB's??? Without so much as a try-on? It sounds like you're fine talking about dl but blushy and embarrassed about your being ab!

    as to

    "only 1 other person knows about this. any reccomends on ways to get or make diapers without my parents knowing?
    This is a common question among us, especially the younger ones, with problems with privacy, funds, discrete mailing addresses, personal paypal accounts, lack of credit cards, and on and on...

    We have many threads in diaper talk and teenbaby on this. Maybe this is a good excuse for us here to list such threads, and this is a good thread in which to put the links. Then it will be a link-thread, a meta-thread...

    here's a start: Yeah, I agree searching "make... diaper" brings up too many to be useful, there should be an easier way...

    There are ways to fold cloth, sew it, and ways to convert baby diapers into wearable older-kid/adult ones; and ways to use soaker pads (available at dollar stores for pets,) the list is as long as there are different types. When we get into plastic pants that's yet a whole new ballgame. If you tell us what exactly you want we could tell you how to make or get it. But first do try looking for existing threads... If you need a hand using 'search' ask and we will explain.

    You hint at being young in a few ways; if your size is typical of a young teen (that was a statement, not a question) then in cloth and plastic pants an off-the-shelf xxl may do. Kilt pins are giant safety pins, and you can cut your own cloth into a vee, hourglass, or long trapezoid.
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