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Thread: Hello from Italy ;)

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    Red face Hello from Italy ;)

    Hello everybody
    I'm Matt, from Italy, and I'm 21
    I registered this site a long time ago, but I didn't come here for a while because of "real life" problems... :S
    BTW, I' an AB/DL and I prefer old style pampers and sometimes drynites and tena (damn here in Italy we have not those wonderful underjams yet *_*)
    Other interests...mmm... I'm studying for graduating in computer science and I'm bisexual (but at the moment engaged with a wonderful girl who obviously doesn't know about my little secret XD)
    Nice to meet you all
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    Cool, nice to meet you!

    What sort of stuff do you do when you're not studying or doing diaper-related activities?

    Welcome to the site

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    Well I like phoptography a lot, but the old style one, with film and my dad's old manual reflex! If someone is interested we can talk about it, there are so many things I probably don't know Hope this is a community where we can talk about a lot of things, with no stupid preconception like many other places

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    welcome matt, im also new and yeh everyone seems friendly/ openmined there seems to be loads of people with similar interests to me on here, im sure you will find it the same personaly im crap at photography but i can appreciate use of light and composition ect drawing is the way i roll. Hows italy i'd rather be there right now.

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    From Italy ehh? What's it like over there, i'm looking to go someday :P

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    Hope this is a community where we can talk about a lot of things, with no stupid preconception like many other places.

    It sure is! I guarantee Adisc has the most non-diaper topics of any diaper site I have met, and the most topics period. They have stuff to offer too, of course, and have their devotees...

    Could you please go into more detail about that last bit,

    with no stupid preconception like many other places
    - what sort of preconceptions? like people assume everyone is there to get their rocks off?? I am really into getting to know what the other sites are about, from guys like you, as well as from doing my own exploring. Do tell.

    Knowing what some people don't like about other sites helps Adisc hone itself, and be a better home to its citizens, if they are looking for that alternative.

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