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Thread: Howdy all

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    Default Howdy all

    Owned diaper doggy slave here, 34 soon to be 35, been wearing diapers off and on since a kid, now wear them pretty much full time, and use them.

    Live outside Boston MA.


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    Welcome to ADISC, I guess. Any interests outside of being 'owned' or wearing nappies?

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    Default More

    Hobbies that are not kink related = computer games, and some console. Like movies, some TV, reading books mainly science fiction, though good zombie book is always a good thing.

    Work in computer tech support / virus removal. Its fun, and allows me to be diapered at work, so that's a good thing.


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    Oh cool another computer geek hehe Welcome to adisc

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    Is your name Tank, or are you some kind of infected thingy, or what?

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    Welcome to ADDISC Tank... hope you enjoy yourself here

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    Given name isn't Tank, but has been my name since 18 in the US Army.

    fits for a good diapered doggy too


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