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Thread: Dry 24/7 moved? O.o

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    Well shiz i could'a got them at a better price had I waited...

    Lousy stupid ******* online sales...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    wow, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
    I would say it's completely awesome. XP Medical is a great company (responsive customer service and reliable). And the price per 72 count case appears to have dropped from $125 to $98. Assuming they haven't changed the thickness (I doubt it), this is total win. I've been needing to order another case of mediums... I know where I'll be getting them from this time around .

    If I wore the large, I would also be pretty happy that they changed the color from peach (eew) to white.

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    i have not heard of these diapers, what would u gys compare them to? are they simliar to abena x plus?

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    better, in some ways, MUCH better, there are some reviews somewhere on the site..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikthewerelion View Post
    i have not heard of these diapers, what would u gys compare them to? are they simliar to abena x plus?
    they are roughly the same... if not better. Along with Bambino these are in my top 3 favorite diapers ever, and this is great. Finally the 3 best ones I ever known will ship within 400 miles of me. Whooo!

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    Whoo hoo! Canadian shipping again. ^_^ I like the fit better than Abena, and tapes stick! Definitely absorb and wick better than Abena.

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    *high five*

    I have to order by the pack. It's nice to not be overcharged by D247...
    XP FTW!

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