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Thread: Rebranding the american dollar bills?

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    Default Rebranding the american dollar bills?

    Dowling Duncan wants to help improve America's image by releasing new monetary notes? Another group thinks it's the only way we can recovery from the market crash.

    Could an Obama Dollar Bill Help Rebrand the U.S.? | Co.Design

    About the Dollar ReDe$ign Project - Dollar ReDe$ign Project

    How would replacing Washington on the 1 dollar bill with Obama improve US relations or even putting a native American teepee on the 5 dollar bill do it? Lastly FDR replacing Franklin. I hope i'm not the only one that finds it pointless, but stupidly crazy.

    Not to mention I don't like the euro like design. Fine, money is exchanged "vertically" but I don't see that as big reason to just redesign the dollar bills. I also think modeling it directly after the euro just makes it seem like the US wants/needs to be ruled by a country in Europe, once again.

    Lasty, how would printing these in mass and recalling old currency help us get out of a recession. How would it not be a huge waste of money, no to mention destroying history of our money system at the same time. I get why the Euro was made since over there countries are tightly packed in and currency exchange is a nightmare and some shops wouldn't take one form of money, over another. But seriously, do we really need something as stupid as this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post

    We shall have our revenge. (:<
    It would be pretty funny to see how chaotic the world would get if suddenly money from Monopoly and Life were legal tender.

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    Well this is... ambitious to say the least. It would be a waste of money. It looks like something you would see in a science museum or a history book, and i dont want that kind of color in my wallet. And plus, yellow $100 bill would stick out just a little...

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    I REALLY don't see the point in this... Still think a bill for anything less than a 5 is stupid.

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    At least they finally removed the Ford T model from the picture of the Treasury building on the $10 bill's reverse. And it was only 2000 that it happened!

    Seriously...tradition and all that, but you people need to look into giving your money a facelift. And by that I don't mean a few touches here and there. It hasn't changed in over 80 years, and I'm sure the country has more than just a few government buildings scattered along the East Coast and a measely 7 presidents to be featured on the 7 denominations still in print today. Why not put some different people and different scenes on there? The U.S. is the only country that hasn't majorly redesigned their currency in a long time. There's nothing wrong with refreshing things every now and again. Paper money is just a printed piece of paper ...doesn't really matter what's on it!
    Besides, it doesn't help that all bills are the same size and color. The Euro bills were designed by the latest scientific standards for easy recognition. Call it what you want - no one says currency has to look the same. It's subject to fashion and technological advances just like any other product. Just check for the colorful and interesting banknotes from around the world here: Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage
    Most notes feature the achievements of the respective countries, or famous citizens. Why not tell the world abroad more about your country than a few buildings and presidents? I mean Austria put Sigmund Freud and Mozart on their bills, the Brits put Isaac Newton and George Stephenson on theirs, we put the Grimm Brothers on's all people recognized the world over. But what precisely has Hamilton (the dude on the $10 bill) given the whole world?


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    Those two links beg more questions than they answer.

    The best reason for a currency change is to conceal inflation.

    As for the orientation of the proposed new notes, would it now be considered an offense to tender them upside down.

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    Since this is the first time I've heard of this, I think it's fair to say this isn't happening. It would a logistical nightmare to recall our currency. Changing some of the faces would be possible but politically untenable, except for maybe replacing Grant with FDR.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    But what precisely has Hamilton (the dude on the $10 bill) given the whole world?
    He wrote over half the Federalist Papers, and as the first treasury secretary, was instrumental to the precedent set by the Washington administration regarding fiscal policy. He is important enough to our country to keep his place.

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    it actually sounds quite disturbing to me. okay, allowing a change or development over time seems quite normal, but to effect a wholesale change 'overnight' speaks of nasty goings on.
    and not to mention the attempted design of the 'new' bills: negroes = $1, natives = $5 and on and on until at $100 there's FDR; so, is it white men in general that are worth more than negroes and natives, or is it just FDR? and even wonkier still is having the natives above negroes; i mean, the natives are still confined to concentration camps/resevartions unless they abandon their identity and culture and yield to the union (not forgetting the american holocaust, of course) while negroes are now free (officially). that's a puzzle.
    and think of all the strife a change would cause around the world. those of us in stable-ish economies probably won't appreciate the extent of the influence of the US dollar in places where the local monies aren't trusted or don't exist. can you imagine a peasant farmer or a warlord being offered a new 'dollar'? yeah, head-chopping time! the US dollar is recognised and trusted around the world because it is long-lived and stable; end the recognition, end the trust.
    politically, the US is the current Britannia or Rome, whether anyone likes it or not. that power carries a responsibility, too.

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    I rather like the new bill designs, but what the fuck has Obama done as compared to virtually any other recognizable name in our history to deserve his face on our money? Other than be black, and before anyone pulls the racist BS on me, that's exactly what it says on the proposed $1 bill. There's a pretty damn good reason we don't put President's faces on money until long after they've died - Britain did it for their royalty. All hail the monarch. It's to avoid vanity and avoid the appearance of monarch worship.

    I could probably name a hundred other black people in our nation's history who have done more for minority rights, or y'know, just the nation in general, than Obama has. Let's say...MLK? I'd love to see him on our paper money, that might make sense.

    I mean, okay, sure, I appreciate that they are trying to match up the numbers to arbitrary things in US history, but you'd think they could think of a different "first" a hell of a lot more relevant to, y'know, anything, than our first black president. Obsession, much? Like him or not, I think you have a pretty damned hard time trying to argue he's important enough after two years to land his face on a $1 bill.

    What about first man on the moon? Seems to me that is a lot more monumental and important an event in American history. Oh shit, I think I just brought out the conspiracy nuts...what about Alan Shepherd or John Glenn? There's some important (American) "firsts" in the space race.

    Or maybe you don't want to touch the space race. What about Jackie Robinson, first black man in the MLB? At least that has some sort of historical significance, rather than modern. Or what about the joining of the first transcontinental railroad? Union Pacific & Central Pacific?

    Or perhaps the first president, period? Washington turned down a third term. He never would have had to set aside his power, as popular as he was. Certainly he did plenty to deserve a spot on our money.

    I'd just rather see important monuments, important events, and important people...who have proven their importance via the test of time. It is unlikely that any agreement could be reached that wouldn't keep the current faces on our bills the same, anyway.

    I really would like to see redesigned currency, however, as someone else said - it is almost always used as a cover-up for dangerous inflation. Something we're fast moving toward...

    ETA: Not to mention the timing to attempt something of this scale couldn't possibly be worse. Poor economy.

    Oh, yes, also, I imagine several Native American tribes would find the memorialization of their collective people by the symbol of a teepee to be highly offensive, given the kinds of stereotypes schoolchildren have long been taught about them.

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