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Thread: Funny Pictures|Pics Thread

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    Smile Funny Pictures|Pics Thread

    I would like to know if there were any funny pictures you would post here
    Please post links if you are not 16, yet.
    The rules:
    No Porn or any of the sort.
    No put downs please.
    just not too much violence plz.
    were not kiddies (in our minds we are; some of us)
    The innapropriate level 1-10
    about a 6.5
    am i too young to make the rules?

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    i gotta get this thread off the ground.
    No i am not 16 yet so i will not post pictures, just links.
    might generate some negative karma that might cause me to order 4 cases of diapers instead of one.
    here it goes.
    now watch me crank dat cottin gin
    Oh Hai!!

    O Rly! pregnency test.

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