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Thread: Sims 3 Diaper Mod, Child Through Elder

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    Default Sims 3 Diaper Mod, Child Through Elder


    I saw on a previous forum thread that people were looking for some diaper clothes for Sims 3. Well I started messing around with "TSR Workshop" and I was able to make some! It took me a long time but I made them.

    Currently I have made only the male version, I will try to finish the woman later. Also the formate is .simspack for now.

    Male Version



    Young Adult -> Adult


    Update: Girl version.


    Young Adult -> Adult


    Policy: Don't not distribute without asking me, if you want it on your site, just ask me. Also don't claim this as your own mod, that is just rude to the author/maker.

    The texture is based off of EA's diaper texture.

    Edit: Also if you don't want the overlay for the tape on the diaper choose the last style in create a style mode, and it will not be on that style.

    Download Links:
    Male Version

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    Nice. Now if only I had the sims stilll. People are really going to injoy this though.

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    Yes! Fame here I come, lol. XD Glad you like it.

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    The elder is really creepy for some reason. Perhaps it's the emo hair and the six-pack... Either way, it's awesome. I've never been able to do 3D design whatsoever, so I really commemorate those who can.

    Now I just need to get the Sims so I can have a harem of diaper-wearing jailbait.

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    Yeah, I agree, the skin I have makes elder look weird, lol. XD

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    I finished the Female version.

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    go ahead and post this on a few other sites, probably gain more attention.

    Good job. I dont think I have the sims 3 though :S

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    looks great now if only they could also look wet or acctually be used instead of going to the toilet even while wearing a diaper!
    would be awesome if my sim had to be changed

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    Quote Originally Posted by gayhellbilly
    looks great now if only they could also look wet or acctually be used instead of going to the toilet even while wearing a diaper!
    would be awesome if my sim had to be changed
    Yeah, that would be cool. I tried doing that with Naraaz's Supercomputer and trying to glitch it but I only ended up with a deformed adult that had some toddler interactions, same went for kids and teens.

    I also uploaded these files to my Sims resource account, so feel free to support it there.
    TSR - imperialmodder -

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    just an idea ... but with the sim wearing diapers .. could you maybe make an accessory .. like a necklace but make it invisible and have it keep the bladder at 100% at all times (since your in diapers u shouldn't need to use the potty) and have it decrease hygeine to 0 if the action "change diaper" isn't used within an 8 hr window or something similar ? of course changing the diaper should return the hygeine meter to normal ...
    thinking that maybe instead of changing the way the sim acts it may be possible to create an object that creates the neccesary interactions for diaper wearing in the game. if the accessory is invisible you wouldn't even know it was there except that the actions would show up

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    I would do that, but Sims 3 coding is very different since you have to use a mod to edit the code. I tried to understand the code and lets say it was difficult, but if I manage to understand it one day I would make that mod.

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