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    I ordered some diapers on Monday and was expecting a shipment to arrive today. When I got home (I live in an apartment), I checked and it said it was delivered. The package is nowhere in sight! Should I bother looking for it, or should I just let the order go and avoid embarrassment? Any advice would be great!

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    I definitely wouldn't recommend just letting it go to avoid embarrassment. The delivery company should not have left the package in an unsecure location, so if it is missing because somebody's taken it then you are probably entitled to another delivery. It may have been left with one of your neighbours, so go looking for it. If one of your neighbours has picked it up they probably haven't examined to find out what it is, but if they have they are probably embarrassed by what they saw and won't mention it. If they do curtly say that the order is for a medical condition and that you'd rather not disclose any information. I don't see how looking for the package could cause any embarrassment as if somebody has seen it they'll have seen it regardless of whether you look for it or not, so you may as well try and get your package rather than lose money. But if a neighbour has picked it up, be sure to complain to the shipping company that it was left in a non-secure location.

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    They said it was left at the front door. I guess I will just have to call the landlord (which I still haven't had much luck with). What a nightmare!

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    sometime they will leave it with someone next door - just go and ask if they got asked to hold a box for you - they probably haven't opened it - if not call ups or who delivered and ask for a reshipment ect ect...

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    I have to agree with everything jess has said in her post. i would have thought a signature was required before the courier released them.
    If they left them with a neighbour, they should have put a note through the door to say which neighbour they were left with. Unless specific instructions were given, if no one was around they should have taken them back to the depot & left a note to say so. Does'nt sound very professional at all. I would'nt let it go, your first port of call should be to go back to the courier. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for all of your help, still missing though. If FedEx is open tomorrow, I'll probably give them a call.

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    I always have my diaper deliveries directed to be made to the apartment office when I am not at home. I know that this may not help with the current order but for future orders and deliveries make sure it is in your instructions when you order. Good luck in finding them of course too!

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    I would call them right now! The sooner you let them know the better. If you live in an apartment check with the office.

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