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    Exclamation New here.

    Hello, I'm Probe. I am not a AB or DL or anything like that, why am I here? Well, my curiosity has been peeked I guess you could say. I suppose I am a sympathizer, and I am accepting of peoples quirks. I like to learn about people and I like to observe. I hope that is okay :P

    My main passions in life are music (love going out to a good dubstep/electro/d&b show though I listen to many genres of music), art (painting, sketching, etc), learning, and nature.

    I am female.


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    Hey Probe, welcome to ADISC

    Nice, brief intro there. I can understand your reasoning behind being here, to an extent. I've always been appreciative of people who are accepting of other people's quirks, and thank you for introducing yourself. I must warn you though, since you are a female who claims to be very sympathetic and supportive signing up on a site that happens to a attract a number of straight male fetishists, that you may encounter some problems with some unsavory characters. Granted, that shouldn't be happening though. If it does, report it to a moderator (the guys in purple), and they will deal with it. This group deeply respects member's privacy and safety, and should help to take care of any problems that may come up.

    Besides that, I am an ABDL, and have been pretty much all my life. Since you are curious, if you have any questions, this is a good place to ask (the site in general), as there are plenty of knowledgeable, experienced, and - best of all - approachable members here who would do a great job of answering said questions for you.

    Electro? Dubstep? Well, I must admit, I am a major '80s synth fan myself, which is where many of today's bands on that scene likely got a lot of inspiration. I also try to vary my palette and listen to all sorts of music, but there's something to a driving electronic beat that always seems to capture my fascination.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I have . Again, welcome.

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    Thanks for the welcome spddan

    And for the fair warning, lol. I assure you I am not easily phased so do your worst! Kidding about that last part of course.

    How often do you see users join who are not into the lifestyles? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Probe View Post
    How often do you see users join who are not into the lifestyles? Just curious.
    Well, I admit it's not very common, but we have had several in the past. Often it's someone who is dating or married to someone who opens up about being into this lifestyle. A few of them came here, stayed around, and became great members of this community (like Talula, who might just stop by this thread, lol). I've seen a few others come here claiming they're 'researching the community' for a class or something, though we pretty much never actually see the results of such research, nor do we know if that's legitimately what they came here for.

    There are some people who are more like you though, who came here just out of curiosity and/or sympathy. They're few and far between though. So yes, you are a bit of a rarity, and I appreciate that .

    There are many reasons to be here, but for most people, it's because they are diaper enthusiasts/infantilists/*BDLs. Others are here because they are incontinent, and many of them, as much as they hate being incontinent, choose to look on a bright side and make the most out of having to wear diapers. For me personally, I am neurologically impaired and have loved diapers my whole life. It wasn't until a while after joining this site that I became more into other regression stuff, such as pacifiers, bottles, etc.

    I'm also a very sympathetic person who runs several online support groups/sites for people with my neurological disorder. I don't usually join groups on things that merely peak my interest though, so you've got me beat on that one, lol. Again, I hope you get a lot out of being here, and feel free to ask questions if you've got them .

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