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Thread: Just when you think you're unique....

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    Smile Just when you think you're unique....

    and you search for anything with the words Adult Diaper and I keep coming back to this site. I'm a graphic designer, straight as an arrow, married with 2 kids 4 & 2 and starting for a 3rd in 3 weeks! YIKES I live in MN where the summers are hot and humid and the winters are very cold. I both extremes, it's the best time to be out. Love fishing with my wife and kids on a boat and on the ice. I'm a photographer on the side where I shoot weddings for a friend who owns a photography business.

    I bought Depend Max Protection and store them in a computer speaker box. It took this site to psyche me into buying them - everyone suggested you just go buy them and they should be adult enough to do their job and not question what someone is buying. My wife of 6 years knows as of 6 months ago that I have a thing for diapers. She doesn't want me wearing them in front of her or the kids but isn't demanding I get rid of them just doesn't want to see them.

    I'm on here Wed, Thurs nights and sometimes Sat mornings when the wife is at work. I'm not much of a talker online cause it's useless to comment stupid stuff, it makes for bad forums. If I have something constructive to say...I'll say it.

    Thanks for the support!

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    Welcome from a fellow Newbie (to this forum).

    If you don't mind telling, how did your wife learn?

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    Hello :-)
    First can I say that was a great introduction. Sounds like your family & work must keep you quite busy!? Do you think you will have more children after your 3rd?

    Was your wife understanding when you told her about your diapers? I can understand her not wanting you to wear them in front of your children and her also, but at least she seems to have accepted that this is something you can indulge in in private.

    Look forward to seeing you around the forums :-)

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    Yes my wife keeps me busy! I would like to say I'm done at two kids but my wife really wants 3. It's hard to argue cause she is such a good mom and wife that she really deserves what means a lot to her. I can adapt easily even though it's going to be a tough 4 years...I know its just the beginning.

    How she found out: She was going to the grocery store and had the ad out. I pointed to some Depend diapers and said in a jokingly voice "Why don't you go ahead and get a pack of those since thery're on sale." I planted the seed a LONG time ago that it would be fun as a joke to get drunk and wear a diaper to bed. If you had to pee you wouldn't have to get up. She thought nothing of it and didn't make any negative comment about it. I used that scenario when telling her to get the diapers. She looked at me like you're nuts. I think she said you really would do that wouldn't you. I made sure there was that awkward pause and said something like "I think it would be fun." She made some comment after she went shopping and I half confessed that I've always wanted to wear a diaper. Then flat-out confessed everyting like I always do. About 5 months later (2 months ago) I ended up buying a pack on the only night I had away by myself. I used my check card....she saw Walgreen's on the purchase history. She knew right away and gave a "You're crazy" type of attitude. I tell her not to be mad and I don't expect her to understand but accept that I'm doing this because it satisfies me and I go after her less. It's very comfortable and calming wearing one and the risk/excitement is fun. She doesn't hate but she doesn't agree and is civil about it. I like when she makes comments like "You got your Depends on?" LOL I love her!

    I wore one to bed for the first time ever. I was successful at getting in bed without her knowing. We were chatting and she poked me in the butt and noticed right away. I think she knew but won't admit it. She did the disgusted roll over and I calmly asked that she not be mad and if it bothers her or makes too much noise in the night that she tells me in a nice manner to take it off. She did tell me at about 2am that it was making noise and I went and took it off. I'll see if she makes any comments tonight when she gets home from work. Kinda excited to have the diaper conversation again.

    Time to play with the kids now. They need their attention.

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