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Thread: hewo all new baby boy here :)

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    Default hewo all new baby boy here :)

    hi hi all mes is new baby boy here and was just wanting to int..intra...intraduse my self im stu i am a 2 going on 27 year old boy very frendly and loving i love to be there for others to just have some one to rant and rave to and cry if need be im a leo and a happy baby but i do have my own problems but smiels alll and just staye diapered and happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    No, you are not a baby. Please try again.
    Damn, son, damn. That's putting it bluntly. (That's a good thing)

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    Sorry man, but here, we don't necessarily act like babies. We'd rather know about your interests. So, you should probably edit the post and just tell us about what you like and what you're like. Who knows? You'll probably find someone on the site that likes what you like. Also, cut the baby talk. It'll just make people stay away from you, no offense.

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    We are sorry, the Neonite welcoming service is unavailable for you at this time. We reserve the right to point out unsavory intros and only provide our welcomes to those intro threads that have some taste. Please try again, perhaps not immediately jumping in with 'HI AWW NEW BABY BOY TO THIS WE-WE-UHHH WEBSIDDE,' and actually introducing yourself as a person. Babytalk typing is, by and large, REALLY annoying in anything other than small doses, and we would like to get to know the regular person that you most likely are, as opposed to some RPing persona. This is not a dating/fapping/bluh site.

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    I noticed that you misspelled the word "write" when you said you like to "rite" on your "About Me" thing. I find that rather amusing.

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    Hello Stu, welcome to the forum :-)

    As others have said babytalk doesn't usually get a good reaction on this website (unless you're in the roleplaying forum anyway) - we usually suggest that in your introduction you tell us about your non AB/DL/TB interests - there's a guide to help you here:

    You might also want to check out this thread with some tips on getting started here:

    Hope that helps - if you start again and let us know about your life outside of diapers & ageplay, such as any hobbies, interests, likes/dislikes, I think you will get a much more welcoming reaction :-)

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    And this ^^ is how you do it folks.

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