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Thread: Trying a diaper the WHOLE day....

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    Cool Trying a diaper the WHOLE day....

    So, My aim today is wear a diaper all day. I woke up with one on and I have 5 hrs of classes spread through out the day and have backups in my book bag. Ill be running for an hour and lifting for roughly another hour today... most likely will be diaperless for those times. Though, anyone have any diapers in the gym tips/suggestion?

    I'm running low on diapers... I have probably 8 more left on the Depends. I ordered more of bambino though i'm pretty sure they are not as discrete as depends... I may be wrong... So, a better diaper than Depends but very easy to hide? Suggestions ?

    Enjoy the day... sunny and 70 today here in Ohio! perfect weather for a run and golfing!

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    Hey Aston,

    I definitely DO NOT recommend Bambino's for public use if your'e seeking discretion on any level...they are relatively noisy, and get extremely bulky when wet. This is just my opinion though, others should share their opinions as well so you can get a better idea. I personally would do some research on diapers, seeing which ones are thinner/more discreet than others...DailyDiapers has an awesome reviews list of just about any diaper you can buy so check that out. Good luck man!

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    Butterfly Mage


    A good diaper that is discrete and yet VERY absorbent is the Molicare Super. It's about as thin as a Depends, but holds at least 4x as much.

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    bambino can be discrete if you keep them dry, although until you get the middle compressed you may waddle slightly. Be sure to wear a tall shirt. Unzip your fly. If you can see diaper, your shirt's not tall enough. Also, coarser fabric shirts tend to stay tucked in better than thin flat weaves like tshirts.

    If you're wearing a larger size diaper than maybe you should, make sure your shirt isn't see-through enough to see anything that sticks above your pants.

    When I want to go all day, I usually wake up, empty out/change, put on a fresh, and go all day and then all evening and overnight. It's a lot easier to start a long run in the morning because you can hold off wetting for most of the day and stay dry until you're back at home or close to. And the "last mile" is overnight which is easier and less risky. I may do that today... and I wear bambino btw. Definitely can't add boosters/stuffers to it during the day, it's already borderline too bulky for discrete use. (tho I prefer to bulk up a bit overnight, I toss in a totaldry)

    Be warned, they will crinkle a little when you walk. You'll hear it more than anyone else of course, but make some noise of your own if you're in company in an otherwise very quiet room and need to move around. I tend to shuffle my feet or talk. But the feel of the bambino over the depends is sooo worth it.

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    A bambino with a stuffer in loose fitting pants is still barely if at all noticeable to the majority of the public. I've worn that combo to the movies with friends that know I wear and even they can't tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maffew View Post
    A bambino with a stuffer in loose fitting pants is still barely if at all noticeable to the majority of the public.
    Ya, I wear fairly tight jean shorts to work in this weather. I considered that, and looked at things with a large + totaldry in the front, and no. looked like I'd dropped a cucumber down my pants. One way or another that was going to cause grief if I tried it.

    "So is that a banana in your pants or?" "oh no that's just my.. um.. ya that new receptionist sure is hot!"

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    Unless your normal wardrobe is particularly tight-fitting, it's really unlikely anybody will notice any diaper, including a Bambino, unless you leak or smell bad. This may come as a surprise to some, but it turns out people are not, in fact, constantly looking at your butt to figure out if there's a diaper under your pants.

    Generally speaking, though, a wet diaper will make it difficult to run. You'd best take care of your exercise activities in the morning.

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    I find the best way to run in a wet diaper is to make sure it is totaly soaked, remove any pants you have on and go for a run, run until the diaper has fallen off your hips, step out af the diaper as it hit the ground and run back to where you stashed your pants.
    A great thrill.

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    I personally have no real experience with wearing while running or at the gym, but if i were to wear in those situations I would do it dry. I'm sure you'll be uncomfortable enough just from the sweat. It gets hot in diapers real quick just doing minimal things that are less strenuous. I have never warn a tab diaper in public, but if I was going to; I would put a noisy ring of keys in my pocket, or wear a noisy nylon jogging suit. Then again, I don't know if anyone would notice the crinkling, or care if they did anyway.

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