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Thread: Good excuses for what's inside a box of nappies/diapers?

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    Default Good excuses for what's inside a box of nappies/diapers?

    Hi guys,

    I've ordered a pack of nappies from the internet which will hopefully be delivered whilst my housemate is out of the house, but if she's not can anybody think of any good excuses as to what is inside the package? The company ship discreetly so anything will do.

    I guess the item I say is in the box should be big enough to warrant a large box and uninteresting enough for her not to want to see. Any ideas?

    All I can think of so far is a new pillow, or maybe clothes, but I think she'd want to see them...

    Any ideas or excuses you've used would be very gladly read. Thanks.

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    Buy a teddy bear or a small blanket for less than 10$ or something and claim it was that? :3

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    An excuse Ive used before was a new bedding set. Duvet, pillow and sheets

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    Yeah one of those "Bed in a Bag" type thing. XD

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    If anyone questions me, I normally say it is related to work and thats it.

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    Around this time of year I usually tell people that I ordered Christmas presents on-line and that they are not allowed to see what’s in the box because it might be a present for them, but this does not really work unless I am actually getting them a Christmas present.

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    I second Zyth... have something on hand that they don't know you already have, and if the package comes, just get it to your room to do the unwrapping in private. If they ask what it is, either before or after you unwrap, show them whatever the decoy was after you unwrap. Make sure the weight is appropriate. Size doesn't matter as much, as things can be well-padded when shipped. Diapers can be a bit heavier than teddy bears.

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    "A gift for someone" should work. A gift will be out of the house soon enough, and it's not really any of her business anyway at your age.

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    christmas presents!!! i always do all my ordering around christmas time just for that excuse, and save my money till then so i can buy hopefully enough to last till next year.

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