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Thread: So be honest, have you ever been stupid enough to do this?

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    Default So be honest, have you ever been stupid enough to do this?

    Basically, I was just thinking that in 16 years of using computers of various types (yes, right from when I was 7 ) i've never been stupid enough to delete some files then realise "oh shit", and had to spend hours recovering them using heurestic tools...

    I mean, i've lost data, through equipment failiure mainly, but it's been archived or backed-up previously. In this case, I actioned my great strike of stupidity just before I was due to do that.

    So, have you ever been stupid enough to delete some files, then realise straight after you have no other copy?

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    Not fully delete something thats important no. I've deleted alot of stuff too the recycle bin and then found it in there when i got to clear it out a few days later.

    I've been stupid enough to try to hide pr0n in a game folder and then then ask for help to fix the program when it started crashing.... Thats embarrassing! At least that was before I discovered ABDL

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    Heh, i'm the sole administrator on my three machines, which has its uses. Also, I normally "stash" that kind of stuff in non-descript or mis-named directories, such as "Network Access Policy (Revised) English"...

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    Nope. Never have, hopefully never will(knock on wood).

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    I've had to rewrite homework assignments and job applications quite a few times due to just being an idiot. I'd be clearing through things and call something something lame like job app without being specific and then just delete it. Lately though I've started using more logical document names so that doesn't happen so often.

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    Once I decided to be lazy and "move" files to my external hdd instead of "copy". Big mistake. Part way through, the drive failed, and my files were all gone. Fortunately it was nothing terribly important, but annoying nonetheless.

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    I do it all the time! Mainly because I name stuff kngwboewih and then keep it on my desktop. Not that big of a deal usually... I get over it fairly quickly. Only thing I keep very detailed and organized is my images and website files.

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    I've done it, not due to lack of computer skill, just plainly from carelessness

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    I have sometimes...And some of those times, it's lucky enough to only be in the recycle bin...

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