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Thread: What kind of jobs do you do?

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    Default What kind of jobs do you do?

    I hope this won't be taken as trying to gather information about others, and if it is seen that way, feel free to delete this thread...

    I was just wondering what kind of jobs/careers AB/DL's have? I work for a forestry company laying out boundary's and GPS-ing. I ask because I read a rude rumour about AB/DL's being broke, jobless and unattractive, and though I am confident that this rumour is false (as all the others are..), but I was curious.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kamploopstrout View Post
    I read a rude rumour about AB/DL's being broke, jobless and unattractive
    YAY!! i got full marks
    i always knew i'd be good at something.
    well, technically i'm still employed: i'm off sick due to an injury but the sick-pay doesn't even cover my lodgings. only a matter of time before i'm out robbing (i'll get extra marks for that, won't i?).

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    Well, I'm a TB, so while you guys get payed for doing stuff, I don't, at school. Except I get 10 bucks a week for allowance, but what's a 13 year old gonna do with money?
    In conclusion... wait, I forgot what I was talking about :P

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    I am an attorney senior partner of my law firm. I specialize in representing corporate clients in civil court, so I am termed a litigator in the USA. In the UK I am called a civil barrister. My duties as a partner include directing and coordinating our firm's Western USA litigation. I co-direct our firm's out-reach mentoring program. I also serve on our firm's committee deciding who we will hire as new associate (non-partner) attorneys.

    Welcome to my world of 14 hour work days!

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    me's two, I's ain't had no jobs goin 2's year now, so I's is jobless, broke, ugly since momma and poppa is related...

    Seriously, I dont work and dont have much money, but I am not sure why anyone would come up with a idea like that. I have heard people say most ab/dl are old fat hairy men, but I am not sure why someone would think we are all jobless?

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    Going to school to be a materials engineer. Currently working receiving at an aircraft hardware store.

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    most have jobs, I right now don't (I got discourage in my last town when ever the ****ing Walmart wouldn't call back) but am meaning to go job hunting again soon. Probably qualify as broke (with my 1,000+ I owe to the credit card company xD), and Ugly? meh depends on who you ask, no real standards imo on what is or isn't ugly, just depends on who you are asking.

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    I myself hold down a full time job as a Baker (deep fried confectionary goods aka donuts.) Though I'm sure I'm not the most attractive around...

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