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    I'm an adult baby from liverpool who sleeps in a cot everynight. I've got lots of ab chums and a daddy which is cool. I also do a lot of mountain biking climbing and work. I have enjoy being an ab, some of my friends know about my ab side a d are cool with it

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    Hello and welcome to adisc.
    If you're struggling to think of things to write about, then these links might help you:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!

    Diapers aside, do please try to give an idea of who you are; likes, dislikes, hobbies Tell us more about mountain biking and climbing. Don't pull my leg with tales of mountainside scenery around the mouth of the Mersey. You should get on very well, as we have a good English crowd here.

    - Rule Britannia !?!

    They might let you join, their generosity apparently does not extend to me.
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    Wooo c'mon UK-ers! I'm currently in North England (location undisclosed!) hiding from Charlie F's mum!!

    Show us a picture of your cot!

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    There are lots of mountains near Liverpool, the clwyds are only a stones throw away, and you've got the lakes and snowdonia not far. I do most of my mountain biking in snowdonia and I have three ab chums who like biking so we've been on many a trip where we biked like big boys, had beers in the local before snuggling down in our tent with nappys and shortalls on with our teds to keep us warm )

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    yeah, it was a good result, especially against the manc's

    hopefully my lil pic should be of me in my cot
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    And just what is wrong with the manc's? D: :P

    Welcome to the forum . I'm trying to get into MTBing, just a little unfit at the moment for anything scary :P. Theres a few bikers on the forums. Your weekends away sound like good fun .

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    Awesome, welcome evertonshorts. Im into my mtbing and rock climbing too. You have the enviable advantage of living much closer to the mountains than I do though. Do you climb in the peaks much? Its coming into perfect grit season now Hope to catch you around the forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by acorn View Post
    - Rule Britannia !?!

    They might let you join, their generosity apparently does not extend to me.
    Have you actually tried joining? I haven't seen a request from you to join the group :X.

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    I Live about an hour or so from the peaks, lakes and north wales so its great for outdoor stuff. in summer i can nip for a climb or mountain bike after work which is well good fun ) I have climbed on most of the grit stone edges over the years, but my climbing is a bit rusty, used to lead around VSish but now its more vdiff / S as i'm well out of practise. I usually go to north wales trail centres for biking, llandegla, coed y brennin and gwydrr which are fun, as well as an annual trip to alps, usa or other funky places ). I'll post some pics if i can work out how to upload em

    oh and there is nothing wrong with mancs, i used to work in oldham so i had to work with loads of people from manchester.
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