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Thread: Diaper in the park.

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    Default Diaper in the park.

    So I biked to the park yesterday in my diaper and sat at the top of the slide. I messed and wet my diaper and sucked on my binky.

    Anyone else have days like this?

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    aww that sounds great I wish I could have came and played with you in the park

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    This is creepy :/

    It's also a really poor question. Most likely, few to none of us have days where we specifically bike to the park, and whereupon we then sit on top of the slide, wet and mess our diaper, and suck our binky. Some may go to the park in diapers, and some may have interesting babyish experiences outdoors, but it isn't at all clear exactly what or how broad the topic is that you're hoping to discuss in this thread.

    Moreover, whatever the point of this thread is, it probably belongs more in in Adult Baby than Diaper Talk.
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    Ive been babied in public before...Been wanting to go to the park with my mommy on the swings but havent found the time to do it.

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    Sorry it sounds creepy. I did leave the second kids showed up.

    The point was, my parents hate my baby things, so I had to go somewhere else to do it, and our library closed down, so the park was really the only place. There was no one there when I got there.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    Quote Originally Posted by K13 View Post
    aww that sounds great I wish I could have came and played with you in the park
    I would have loved to have had a friend there to rp with. Sucks that you live where you do. I would've invited you.

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    I don't see how that was creepy as long as it want overly sexual I guess

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    I never mean anything to be sexual. That makes me vomit every time I think about it.

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    cool then its not creepy at all

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