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    Default Disappointing day

    I've recently moved house, and prior to moving I used almost all of my nappies as I didn't want to try and move large amounts of nappies from one house to the other and risk my parents (who helped me move) or housemate discovering them.

    This morning my housemate left to go visit her parents, and as she won't be home until tomorrow I thought it would be a good day to try and get some nappies as I am now down to just 2 left. Using the internet I found 3 shops in cycling distance that all listed themselves as selling 'incontinence products.'

    So, I reached the first store, but when I went in I found out that although it listed itself as selling incontinence products on it's website it didn't, it only sells wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Never mind, I thought, I'll go to the next shop. So, I arrived at the next shop and could see they had a display of incontinence products. However, it only sells pads to be worn with pants, not all-in-one style nappies. I really don't like them, so I went to the last shop on my list. On arriving at the address I had for the shop, however, I found that it wasn't there. I checked the area, but the shop certainly did not exist, I assume the website was out of date and the shop has closed down.

    I did pass another shop which sells disability products, but typically it is closed on Mondays. I looked through the window and it doesn't like they do sell continence products, although I will probably go and check next time my housemate isn't home.

    So all in all it has been a very disappointing day, and I still only have 2 nappies left with no idea when I will be able to get more - I could order some online, but I'm not sure how I would explain such a big box coming through the post to my housemate. So I guess I will probably either have to resort to the not-so-absorbant pull-ups available in supermarkets or go without for a while

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    Default Buying nappies for youself

    I am sure if you are not to embarrassed you could try your local pharmacy & see if they can order some nappies for you just to get you by until you are more settled. That way you could pick them up directly from the chemist on your own. I have had to do this on a couple of occasions but i must admit i don't often run out. Most companies that deliver nappies on line will deliver them discreetly & send them under plain packaging to prevent any awkward moments. Lloyds pharmacy or any independent chemist i am sure would be able to help.

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    Thank you for that suggestion - I had often wondered whether it might be possible to do that, but have always been a little too embarrassed to ask. I think there is a Lloyds chemist nearby so perhaps I will go there next time I'm in town and see if they can order some in for me. Thanks :-)

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