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Thread: Hate Cloth-like Disposables?

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    Default Hate Cloth-like Disposables?

    Does anybody hate them as much as I do?

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    i love clothbacked diapers a little better than plastic ones

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    Death to cloth backed disposables! They are anti crinkle, velcro tabbed abominations! Unless, ofcourse, someone makes them thick, absorbant and cute and you wear plastic pants over them...

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    Butterfly Mage


    I never have liked them one bit.

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    I guess they're quieter. That's all I can say that's good about them. Even that just renders them more stealthy but certainly not more enjoyable. They're just no good for me at all.

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    I guess we are all different in one way or another, I know that alot of folks don't like cloth backed nappies/ diapers & i have had problems with them wicking into the cloth which makes them feel uncomfortable. I prefer cloth backed nappies/diapers from the point of view that they offer me comfort & discretion & most of all they are quiet, qualities that i find are as a diaper /nappy wearer essential
    & provided i change them on a regular basis they work fine for me. I do occasionally wear plastic backed nappies/diapers but only with the stretch fit pants over them or underwear to help limit the noise aspect I would just feel so embarrassed if i could here any noise, could other folks then here it?. So yes cloth backed nappies / diapers get my vote, & on that note hope your day is not to stressful.

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    I tend to prefer plastic backed nappies myself. The cons of plastic backed nappies is the rustling sound they make. But I wear tight underwear if I wear out in public to help cut the sound down. The cons of cloth like nappies is that I kinda find it hard to judge how wet it is. With plastic nappies I normally feel the outer plastic so I know how wet it is, I find this a bit more difficult with cloth nappies.

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    I think it most part depends on the person's age. Older people who grew up with plastic backed diapers when they were younger tend to like those, and people who grew up within the last 20 years or so grew up with cloth backed ones, and tend to enjoy those more. I like either or, depending on my mood. Sometimes I like something really crinkly, and other times I want something quiet and unobtrusive.

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