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    Default Hi from a DL

    Introducing myself... I am a 31 y/o DL. I enjoy wearing, wetting and humping in diapers. I workout, bicycle along the beach, like to cook and read a good book.

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    hi and welcome. i'm a biker too.

    a word of advice. you're probably not giving a very good impression with your username, and you might want to choose a new one. we'd like to be able to get to know you as a real person rather than a nameless diaper humper. also, this isn't an 18+ site, so it's important to be conscious of our younger members.

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    I'm actually a psychic and can tell you things about yourself.
    Something is coming to me. YES! It is clear. It appears you are also single. Wait, what's that? Oh, so sorry. It seems you will stay that way for a very long time.

    At least you have diapers...

    As per the second half of your post: it seems like a stereotypical dating add. I mean, it looks like you copy/pasted it from a generic "how to get a date".

    P.S. Your name is creepy.

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    Creepiness rating 8.5/10.

    This sounds like a dating ad, your username is creepy, the introduction is one line and has the word humping in it, you claim to be a DL but have yourself listed as AB instead. At least you posted some other interests, however briefly :/

    Take a look around the site, read the rules, read the thread on posting an intro. We're not a dating site, we have people here under 18. Figure out if ADISC is the type of community you'd like to join, and if so, try this introduction thing again, and, please, change your username to something less creepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Creepiness rating 8.5/10.

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    Welcome, diaperhumper! I can tell you're going to be a valued member of this community!

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    So, why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself outside our diaper interests, and change your name to be a bit more minor-friendly (and not creepy!). You can do that by going to your settings and requesting a user name change.

    These links might help you make a better first impression:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

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