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    other than abc in london, does anyone know of a DL club in the UK? It is just so much money to get to london, and get in there, I was windering if there is somewhere else ?

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    it's a link, you can click it, sorry I shoudl have said click this link lol

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    As far as I can tell, that is really the only actual AB/DL 'Club' in the sense of it being a physical building hosting such an event as often as it does. There may be meetups and such, but I dont think thats what you are referring to.

    I am actually arriving in London on the day of the next gathering; im just way too much of a wallflower to even consider going to it. Apparently its not as over the top as people assume and is actually a enjoyable evening for those who do go.

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    I was online and met a regular of the club, he said there were problems initially, such as privacy in changing rooms, but that now it's ok, and very enjoyable, i find you say diaper, and BDSM ears pop up, I like that scene, and this, but I know there is more to this, and explore that stuff, so hard to find clubs.

    If i had the money, I'd open a diaper night up in manchester or liverpool, it would be packed!

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    ABC is just everyone hanging out in diapers in a badly lit basement anyway and is more of a meet than anything else

    you're much better off looking for meets in your area

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    ABC is a nice night out, lots of blokes and the odd girl in nappys / AB clothes, drinking beer and chatting away with the odd nappy changing )

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