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Thread: hi, i am new here

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    Red face hi, i am new here

    I am a 21 year-old student from croatia. I was into diapers since young age. When I was 18 I started wetting at night beacuse of weak bladder, but since i liked wearing diapers i didn't bother me. I only need to wear diapers at night, but I enjoy wearing them so I wear them all the time. When i was young i was visiting my aunt who was a home nurse (she worked for the local hospital checking on elderly people in their houses), and she had a bag of diapers in her house. I was curious so i tried one on and used it, and i discovered that i liked it. Wearing diapers made me feel safe and secure. Later over the years i bought some in the stores every now and then. When i was 18 i started having troubles with my bladder at night, and i would wet the bed at least 3 nights a week, so i started buying and using diapers (at night) on regular basis until i went to study on IT college, then i started wearing them 24/7 i am for 3 years now.

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    Hi BambinoBoy, welcome to the forum :-)

    Thanks for sharing some of your history with us. Aside from wearing diapers what kind of stuff do you like doing? Do you have any particular hobbies? You state you went to study IT at college, are you still doing that now? How are you finding it?

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    Ok, that's great, but what about your interests outside of diapers? I want you to go away and read this link, and then try again!

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