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Thread: So I bought some Attends Waistband diapers...

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    Angry So I bought some Attends Waistband diapers...

    Yea, I bought some Attends Waistband diapers through Overstock and thought I'd have them shipped to my college address instead of my house so my parents/sis wouldn't have any chance of finding them (I dont wear at college since I live in a dorm with a roommate who never leaves the room). Anyway, the package comes in and I go to pick it up at the post office, and I'm standing there and little did I know that they'd have some new guy working who LOVES to analyze each package and ask the person what was in there. Well I didn't know my box would be a direct advertisement of what was on the inside (yea, it said attends waistband 44ct medium all over the damn box), and so yea, he was like so what's in here? And I just said clothes for my sister's birthday...

    Now every time I go down there, he's the one who's always working...

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    wow that stinks i had a box of bambinos come in and the mail clerk at my college typed the sender into google and everyone knows the first result is there website so i got some weird looks but she never sai anything about it

    i found a mailbox place really close and it was 22$ for the year to get mail there

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    Question Adding onto the last post on the Attends Waistband diapers...

    So when I eventually opened my box of Attend Waistband diapers, I was deeply saddened when I opened it up and found plastic-backed diapers in there. I was so stoked to get adult diapers that were cloth-backed (thank you diaperbook for incorrectly tagging your diapers). Also, the diaper sucks at absorbency. I wet one time last night, laid on my stomach, woke up a couple of hours later and my bed was soaked, and that was after one wet.

    Anyway, I wore one while I was driving home from college yesterday. That was the 1st time outside of my house that I wore a diaper and the 1st time driving, so I was super nervous of course. I'm wearing one now, but I made sure to add extra padding this time.

    So yea, I'm kinda wondering, does anyone know of an adult diaper that's clothbacked, decent on absorbency (2 large wets or more), puffy around the butt, and isn't a pull-up (it has refastenable tabs)? That's what I mistakenly thought the Attends Waistband diapers were...

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    Yeah, that sucks...

    I worry about a box getting delivered that says what's inside it as well. At my old house I didn't care much because I had shrubs for packages to hide behind. My new house has no cover, and I have nosy neighbors that are always home and outside. FedEx actually delivered one of my packages to their house on accident once. It was about $300 worth of car audio equipment, but they were cool and brought it back. I do get a little nervous about deliveries sometimes, but I found that if you order one or two packs at a time they rarely ship them in the original box. Amazon almost always puts stuff in their Amazon boxes unless you buy a case that is easier just to mail as is. I don't know about 3rd party sellers through Amazon though.

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    yea, that's what I did, I bought it from a third party seller through amazon ( and they just left everything in the original box. I didnt know that the boxes had labels on them (so they could be discrete with it), but I know now...

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    Try the US-market Tena diapers. They have tapes, not fake Velcro, but they are clothlike-covered.

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