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Thread: I leaked.

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    Lightbulb I leaked.

    OK, tonight, I finally felt the feeling of a full diaper. I mean, the thing was huge! Bulging! It felt awesome! Now, I needed to get something for my little brother, and I was secretly wearing a Goodnite under my pants. I got what he needed, and continued to use the diaper. Now, I felt something weird, and I saw a small puddle on the ground by my feet. So I'm like "OMG! OMG! I just leaked!" in my head of course, and, since this is the first time this has ever happened to me, I was freaking out. Luckily, I was in the bathroom, and no one was around at the time, so I cleaned the puddle, and cleaned the wet part of my pants, since there wasn't much. I gave to my brother what I got for him, and I just changed out of the diaper and put on some normal pants. So, I was lucky this time, and I think it was good for me, 'cuz I know now how much the diaper can hold for next time. I still cant get over how good the full diaper felt! But still, I doubled up, and I still leaked. So, has something like this ever happened to anyone else? has anyone else almost get caught by leaking? Post here!

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    When you doubled up, did you cut slits in the backing of the inner diaper? If you don't, the inner one won't drain into the outer one...
    Nice. Imagine what it's like when it leaks into your bed..... It sucks.

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    I've had leaks before. I think everyone does eventually. Fortunately for me I'm always at home alone when it happens. I always experiment with new diapers so I know where that limit is. I have had some pull-ups that leak as fast as i do on the first wetting, so It's important to test in private. I rarely wear outside of my house, but I rely on them at night. I don't want to leak in my bed either which is another reason I test.

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    also make sure the inner diaper is on as snug as you're comfortable with, around the legs. Do you know where on the diaper the leak came from?

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    I think everyone leaks. but its best if you wear a plastic pants to prevent it from getting everywhere. Sometimes its the diaper, sometimes its just from poor diapering skills, other times its from poor pissing skills. lol
    For me it tends to leak out the back of the leg opening after about 3-4 medium sized wettings. i also wouldn't really recommend pullups like goodnights which arent designed to hold a whole lot.

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    Yeah, but they're the only ones available to me now. I'd rather use another kind, but the only ones around my area that fit me are the Goodnites.
    (to bambinod) I think it came from the legs.
    (to me :p) I didnt, but thanks for the info

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