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    I was thinking about ordering some nappies from a website called chemist direct , according to the website they come in discreet packaging and they do next day delivery , should I risk it?

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    His very soul, no doubt.

    Look, if you want them, go for it. If you think that you can get to them without your parents or whomever noticing, then so much the better. If you don't think that you can manage, give some serious thought to it, come up with a plan of action, and then go for it. You won't be hurting anyone by going through with it. There's not much as far as risk involved.

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    Yes, by all means risk it, but only if you have thought it through and have a plan for both things going right, and things going wrong - in that way it becomes less of a risk anyway!

    Ask around to check that where they say discreet packaging they mean discreet packaging - for example, although they might not say 'nappies' on the outside they might still be labelled 'Chemist Direct,' which might be just as hard to hide. The company may still count that as discreet, so make sure that by discreet packaging they mean completely plain and that the return address or any logos do not make the nature of what is inside the box obvious.

    Secondly, if you need the nappies delivered on a specific day check that your purchase will definitely be sent out next-day delivery, and find out what time you need to order by to qualify for next-day delivery. Usually websites have a contact address, so email the company if necessary.

    Finally, have a plan for if the nappies don't arrive when you think they will, or for if somebody sees the package or even answers the door & takes it for you. What will you say it is? It needs to be something that is big enough to warrant such a big box, something uninteresting enough that they won't want to see it, and something light enough that if they do handle the box at all they won't become suspicious. For example you could say it's a new pillow for your bed, an item of clothing or something else that nobody will find interesting enough to want to see.

    Good luck ordering the nappies - with the right preparation and thought you can make it so that ordering won't really be too much of a risk at all :-)

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