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Thread: Hi fron California

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    Default Hi fron California

    My name is Jonathan. I am a 60 year old AB from Los Angeles. When I am diapered, I wet myself without control. When I am not diapered , I have no problem.

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    Welcome to ADISC Johnathan. =)

    That was quite a brief introduction and it doesn't really tell us much about you. Perhaps you could expand on it a little bit? As well as your interests in diapers, we're looking to hear about you as a person, too. This is a support community and we like to think of each other as unique individuals rather than just a group of diaper wearing freaks!

    Finally, please make sure that you read and fully understand The Rules if you have not done so already, and, most importantly, make sure you enjoy your time with us!

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    Hi Jonathan, as a resident of Pasadena in Los Angeles County, let me welcome you to ADISC!

    As Arlikra mentioned, ADISC is a support community, not just about AB/DL. The rules and traditions here do require a proper introduction, articulating intrests beyond diapers.

    Still, good for you that wearing diapers when you want has not harmed your bladder control. If you use the Search function you will find many threads on the topic of "Will wearing diapers turn me incontinent?" It would be marvelous for you to share your experience.

    I have been profoundly urinary incontinent since 1985, so none of my experience answers the question about diapers causing incontinence.

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