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Thread: Secure X-Plus

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    Oh! Great diaper. I love them.

    They just added a front waistband so they fit even better now. Super absorbancy... very comfortable... and the tapes are infinitely refastenable so you can adjust them as much as you want. Currently wearing them as my 24/7 diaper... no complaints so far.

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    Should try them someday, is what I think of them.

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    I can't say enough good things about them, I love the way they fit, and the tapes that never ever let go and can be repositioned as many times as you want, I also love how much they hold, never quite measured it but it's quite alot.

    They are a great diaper, I bought a case but there a little to expensive for me to wear everday so I just wear one once and a while, I don't have many left, and recently tried to reorder and there website wasn't secure so I didn't order, I told the people at secure and they said just call the order in, there working on the problem.

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    They are very absorbant and the tapes are refastenable. I put there absorbancy right around Abena X pluses. I got some from Ballucanb when we met last, and they are very good. I was impressed with them.

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    Very very good diaper, like everyone said, the plastic landing strip lends itself to infinite re-fastenability (whoo new word!), and it's pretty absorbant, just not as thick as Abenas.

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    I classify it as a, I GOTTA TRY IT SOMEDAY kinda diaper

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    I heard alot of good thing about them, I want to get my hand on them and try them out one of these days

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