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    Question Good deal? Tena Super Fitted Briefs Size Medium Pk/28: Health & Personal Care

    It seems like a good deal but there isn't to many reviews on the Tena "Super" briefs, only ones I can find are the maxi ones. Any help will be greatly appreciated. All I want to know is how do these compare to the maxis? are they better or no? Thanks in advance.


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    The supers are less absorbant than the maxis - the slips come in three absorbency; Tena Plus (6 drops), Tena Super (7 drops) and Tena Maxi (8 drops).

    Therefore as you would expect the nappies aren't as absorbent as the maxis, but they still hold a good few wettings and are of the same quality as the Tena Maxis. If you find you need the Tena Maxi's absorbency (for example overnight) then I wouldn't recommend the Supers, but otherwise I would expect the supers to hold more than one wetting and be wearable for several hours - I like having them for situations when I don't expect to be wetting heavily and don't want to waste a Maxi.

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    Cool, thanks for your help babyjess. this seems like a good deal after all.

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