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Thread: long distance role play?

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    Question long distance role play?

    i'm not sure where this should be but here goes

    how do you role play, from a long distance? i ask couse im in ny & stirlock is in cali we talk alot on skype, & msn. not to much on the phone as the phone i have i pre-paided i started a diaper bag for when he comes to visit.

    thank you so much for any advice you have!

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    This sounds pefect for this site [removed]

    Long play RP, esp over secrective E-mail or sordid phone calls is much safer, and allows everyone to stay at home keeping their fetish private.

    However saying this, I find webcams and "Tasks" are very good for online things of this nature.

    For example, have your baby change them selfs for you on cam, once they are comfty, give them something to do, perhaps E-mail them a picture to colour in, and give them a set time, you can watch them from cam, and make sure they are ok, if they finish u can call them on a phone, or on skype and give praise and virtual rewards, (or) in the case they are not allowed to change without permision, this can be give as reward.

    this slows down any chat or play as each task can last for a time you set, one example might be writing lines, or sitting on a naughty step, another might be getting all their stash out and showing u what a good baby they are, the limits are only your imagination
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