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Thread: What is the greatest length you went to get diapers?

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    Default What is the greatest length you went to get diapers?

    For me, It was when I would take the diapers from the bathroom at my psychiatrist.

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    The first diaper I got since childhood was one out of the trunk of my dad's car when I was 16. I used to start up his car in the morning before school, an I had noticed an opened pack of pull-up adult diapers in there. So, I went out one morning, and quickly pocketed one in my jacket. I wanted to take everything there of course, but didn't have a way of concealing it into the house or hiding it once it was inside. I hoped one missing wouldn't be noticed.

    So, what makes this at all bad? The diapers had been my grandfather's, who had just passed away from cancer. I had to think about that every time I put it on. I was so excited to have one, I didn't want to spoil it by using it right away. I would just try it on for a few seconds, or simply just feel it with my hands, and that would get me to flare up sexually. That's when I believed it was no more than a fetish to me, for obvious reasons. I finally did use it, and I mean *use* it! Took hours to clean up, especially since I wasn't prepared with any supplies.

    I didn't wear again until around the time I turned 20.

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