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Thread: Diapers with tapes?

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    Default Diapers with tapes?

    What diapers can be purchased where, for what price, that also have tape.

    I think ... they're called briefs?

    Either way, where can I get some cheaply ... and unnoticed? heh.

    Also ... is it hard to put ones with tape on yourself?

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    well for cheap assurance briefs from walmart are like $9

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    Anything that says "fitted briefs" is (most likely) tape based. Where is hard to say, since you haven't given your location. Should be cheap if you get a store brand.

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    Just read the description of them when you buy them to make sure...Some CVS ones have tapes...Like the ones I just got Friday...I also got some other CVS ones that had velcro-like tapes

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    Usually reading the package helps, they tend to tell you what exactly it is you're buying. If they don't show you what it looks like on the package. Just take your time and choose what you like best. =)

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    Tape on diapers are typically called fitted briefs or fitted maximum protection. Depend & Assurance are probably the two most attainable brands that still have plastic covers and tapes.

    You can get Depends pretty much anywhere... from pharmacies to grocery stores. The Assurance brand is available at Wal-mart.

    Taping one on yourself isn't too hard. It just takes some practice.

    I typically spread the diaper out on my bed... then sit down on it. You can fasten the middle or top tapes... then stand up and adjust the rest of them for a good fit.

    One thing about full diapers is they will be slightly more noticable under clothes. Goodnites are probably the best for stealth... but to me nothing beats the feeling of a properly fitting adult diaper.

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    I can advise Tena Super Plus or something of the familiar name.

    Online would be your best bet if you want to get them discretely and get them delivered to the actual post office and arrange a time to collect them when sensible and safe.

    Putting a diaper on yourself varies on your body, honestly, but I use the same method as Darkfinn and it works pretty successfully - Though, if you do end up getting Tenas, be SURE to get the tapes right the FIRST time, they are VERY strong and sticky, to the point that trying to move the tapes has 9/10 chance of ripping the diaper or bringing up some of the diaper with it.

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    I live in the middle of nowhere ... but the town over, where I am frequently, has a Meijer, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, and about a million dollar stores.


    The not wanting to tell my location is probably just my being paranoid.

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    Might I suggest the Walgreens diapers. They have a cloth cover and velcro fasteners. They're really high quality... and with the velcro you can adjust it time and time again to get a perfect fit... plus they are pretty inexpensive too.

    The only down side I can think of to getting adult diapers is that they come in a pretty large package. You might have a hard time concealing it... b/c goodnite packages are small compared to adult diaper ones.

    Maybe take a bookbag with you so you can open the pack up and make it easier to carry.

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    For the most part , any package that say's underwear are pull ons, and beiefs are tape or velcrow closures.

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