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    Ok let me begin with I've been into (and out of diapers for along time) I've been married and now divorced my x was very into babying me diapering ect but as we all know things can go south fast. After a time I found a new love we have been together for over a year and one night god knows why (drunk by the way). I let it all out how I wanted to be babied diapered the whole nine yards then had a major panic attack crying and very upset that I had done this I could no longer hide this side of myself from her and I know you can lose some one fast with the truth about me wanting to wear /use diapers paci the whole nine yards!
    Now after a day or so I asked her what she thought about what I had said (though txt) and she said I have some questions......and I ask what ?she said we need time to talk.
    Now its been two weeks or more and she and I have had time to be alone and talk and she has not even said one word of what I have told her .is she avoiding the thing all together? Is this a case of if I pretend I didn't hear it it will go away? The whole reason I told her is Because I don't wanna hide this side of me any more and would just be happy right now if I could get diapered up for bed rather I do it my self or she would do it any way any help right now would be help full I wish I had the guts to just get diapered and hop in bed with her but the fear of rejection is just to great anyone been down this awfull road?

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    The best advice I can give you is to give her some time to adjust to what it is you want from her, and give her the space she needs to get used to it. My wife has changed my diapers on a few occasions, usually with some coaxing, and we both seemed to enjoy it, well, I know I did. As far as putting on a diaper and hopping into bed with her, I would not recommend. I do it now, and it's usually not a problem, however she says the crinkle keeps waking her up. I diapered up and hopped into bed a few times when I first told her about it, and honestly, there was no sex for at least a week following. She was just a little too new to the concept, and it kinda freaked her out. After some time though, and many, many, late night conversations, she decided it was time she tried to change my diaper, because you never know until you try... I certainly enjoyed it, and she did a little bit. Since then though, her desire to diaper me has subsided. She doesn't care if I wear, but needs to be in the right mood to want to get involved. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, sooner or later, she will come around, but if it does, don't expect it to continue, because she just might find that it's not for her. Simply, I would ask her one night, if she thought it would be ok if you wore a diaper to bed, she might say yes, she might say no, either way, don't do anything to make her anymore uncomfortable than she already is. Give it time, she will come to accept it, and maybe even indulge a little herself when the time is right. For now though, I would just keep doing what you're doing, but don't force it on her. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the advice going to try some more talking tonight and see where it leads hoping I find some common ground!

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