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Thread: Paradox Interactive, Hearts of Iron 3 (suddenly, lets invade Yunnan!)

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    Default Paradox Interactive, Hearts of Iron 3 (suddenly, lets invade Yunnan!)

    Does anyone else have a soft spot for the little publisher that could, Paradox? I know they have a reputation for pushing out broken games on release day (Hearts of Iron 3, Victoria II), and taking 3 years and as many expansions to complete a game (EU III), but they're still awesome. No one makes such ambitious games.

    Presently I'm balls deep in a HoI3 American campaign. Japan conquered Republican China, the Republicans won the Spanish Civil War, and Germany invaded Poland on schedule. They first tried to go through the Maginot Line, and were repulsed by Anglo-Franco-Spanish forces. I thought it would be a repeat of the Great War, but after the winter of 1940 they got smart and did the historical thing by wheeling through Belgium and crushing French resistance. Before long both France and Spain were under the Nazi boot. Portugal saw the writing on the wall and joined the Axis. This, combined with the Italian invasion of Greece and historical Axis members, gives Germany complete control of the European continent. As of mid-1942, the invasion of the Soviet Union has not yet happened. I might load up Germany and declare war if it doesn't happen soon.

    I'd been building up ever since Japan went after China. I fortified my positions in the pacific and built new carriers. I had 12 fleet carriers with escorts when war was declared. I admit I cheated a bit and spread them out.

    So far so good on the American front. Within two months I had destroyed the entire Japanese Combined Fleet in actions near the Philippines and Guam

    I sunk the entire Japanese Combined Fleet in early war actions near the Philippines and Guam. Very lucky. I pulled off a combined Airborne-Amphibious operation to take Saipan right after. I also seized the Azores early in the war to use as a base to bomb Portugal back to the stone age.

    This is probably the first game that I really can't stop playing. Micromanaging things is absolutely awesome, to the point that it takes me an hour to play a month.

    Anyway, anyone else here like Paradox? Or Pie?

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    I like Paradox, though I've probably spent more money on the games then I have hours playing them xD. They can be fun, once you get into to them (getting into them is the hardest part) Love the company though, even with their problems, and hoping to get a game going in HOI III soon. Can't decide on which nation to start with though. Do you have the expansion pack?

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    Yeah, Semper Fi is worth it. For the price, get it.

    If you're new to HoI3, try the USA. Its a pretty forgiving nation with lots of leadership and resources. If you build a couple rounds of IC, you'll have a ton when its time to mobilize. A great starter nation.

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    Already have it :P, I'm planning to take a go at the game here soon, Most of the time I don't play it just due to not having a lot of time :/. I've heard Spain can be decent for quick action, Brazil seemed decent, for the short time I played with them. The only downside, I've read, with the USA is for about 4 years or so your manpower is terrible, but once you get past the 40s, it starts really picking up (New Deal ends, and I guess you can make some other changes that increase it massively).

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    You always seem to have manpower issues as USA. Kinda anti-historical, but I suppose its a counter for the oodles of IC you get. TBH, it really doesn't get that much better. Its not that much of an issue fighting the Japanese, but if you have to fight Germany without the Soviets, it might get hairy.

    The good thing is you can concentrate on IC heavy formations, like armor or mechanized, that can dominate in Europe. You can also get a massive navy and airforce. And god forbid if you have to take down the soviets after Germany surrenders and make the world free for capitalism and freedom etc. Kinda makes me want to start up a Soviet game and turn the world red.

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