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    Hi my name is Lauren! Im a 17 year old girl, (18 next week woot!) that likes to wear diapers. I like to be a little girl, sweet and innocent. Anyways, besides diapers, I love music! I play guitar,piano, and sing. I really want to be a music major for school. I dont know what to post here lol .Thats me. Any questions? hehe

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    I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before.......

    *Looks at you suspiciously.*

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    Hey there, and welcome!

    What sort of stuff do you play on the guitar and piano?

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    We already met in chat, but what the hell..

    Hi and welcome to the site.

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    Thank you

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    Everyone already said it, but what the heck. Welcome to the site!

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    Nice you're legal in a week..... >_> To bad you live in cali... otherwise you'd be legal to drink! >_> I love being in PR. Anyways Welcome to the site you had mentioned in a previous post you have a GF? So I take it you're Lesbian or bi? Or did you mean Girl that's a friend? I'm kind of curious... since well... it seems they are less straight females around then lesbian or bi.... Just curious is all.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I am the resident lego even though I'm not the most active member I do play the piano but I'm not the next Beethoven anyway I hope you enjoy your time here and Happy Birthday in advance!

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