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    Default youtube tipp-ex commercial

    ok, since I didn't see a post about this yet, I'll put it here myself.

    so tipp-ex had made a pretty cool commercial on youtube here. it's about a hunter that can't shoot a bear, but he wonders what else he could do.

    you just type ANYTHING in the field, and a video of what you typed in shows up, pretty funny

    have fun finding stuff!

    ps: if you don't know anything to put in there anymore, consider these:
    dances with
    moonwalks with
    smokes weed with
    plays football with
    fishes with
    watches tv with
    farts with
    sleeps with
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    With the internet, there are some very interesting advertising campaigns. Besides this one, there was an pizza shop with an interactive campaign where you had to deliver a pizza across town during a zombie apocalypse which I also thought was ingenious.

    I first saw this one The Funday Pawpet Show this past Sunday. They killed about 20 minutes with this alone, and they took suggestions on what to do from the irc chat. I found it very amusing. It must have taken a lot of planning and quite a bit of money to produce.

    Try "The Hunter is a bear."

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    XD type in "drinks with"

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    I was like "bull shit..." and typed in "Fucks".

    Sure enough...

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    Thats a pretty cool thing that is. I didn't understand what you ment untill I tired it. But It was pretty funny. Thanks for posting.

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    I typed in ' crossdresses with ' and all it showed was the name of one of the members of ADISC.

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    What, nobody here has tried 'diapers' in there yet? I'll have to do that once I'm home from work and don't have YouTube blocked.

    Edit at home:

    'Diapers' didn't work, and 'babies' takes you to the same as 'has sex with'. Try 'jumps', 'rides, or 'moves'' though.
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