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Thread: adult diapers - instead of attends

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    Default adult diapers - instead of attends

    Looking for some recommendations on adult diapers = I am fed up with the Attends leaking - Bambinos are a little better.


    What would you recommend? Needs to be plastic outer cover - and NOT leak with #1 and #2.

    And I am an adult so shipping is not an issue.

    Thanks for all of your help!!

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    Ever heard of Providers Choice? They're a new brand that i think is still giving out free samples.
    Here's their site

    I've tried em myself and think they're pretty awesome. ^_^

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    I would strongly recommend the Unique wellness brief. I myself wear the Tena super stretch during the day, although their cloth covered like. The Unique wellness has a great plastic and absorbs alot! I have heard really good things about the dr247 diapers as well.

    Hope this is useful.

    Heres is the url for the wellness briefs.

    Adult Diapers: Adult Briefs, Driest Adult Diaper, Incontinence, Ultra Dry Brief Sold Online

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    Ive rarely had any trouble with the abena x-pluses, definitely better than attends. If you still have trouble with leaks like through the plastic shell as some diapers do you can always get a pair of plastic pants to go over them.

    if you are having trouble finding a good disposable you can always invest in some cloth alternatives which can be custom made to your needs.

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    I've had good luck with Molicare Super Plus, and Tranquility ATN; both have plastic outer layers and hold everything I've thrown at them very well. Most pull-ons leak a little from my experience. Some will hold a several #1's but will definitely leak a #2 that isn't solid.

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    I've had the best luck with the Dry 24/7 and have tried them all. I grew up in cloth in the mid 50s - 60s and then Pampers in the mid 60s.

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    I recomend Molicare Super plus or Abena Abriform X Plus
    their both excelent diapers.

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    Thanks everyone - I just ordered a bunch of sample packs from XPmedical - including Molicare and Abena!

    For some reason I have always collected a "million" different brands/models of baby diapers - but always stuck with attends for my own use - even tho they always leak!!

    I will let you know what my wife and I think of the samples.

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    I've always loved Abena X-Plus, and they'll hold multiple wettings. However, I just got my sample pack from Dry 24/7 and lemme tell you something... THEY'RE AWESOME. I think I just converted.

    So personally I'm gonna be using those from now on. Also I always use plastic pants. If you can they can be fun and colorful too!

    Just my 2 cents. =)

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    I use Abenas, But I also have Dry 24/7.
    Dry 24/7 is expensive, and I don't feel good about throwing out a mostly un-used diaper. So I have Abena Supers to use when I am not going crazy.

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