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    Default Hail adisc

    im Tyron and im a newbie in this stuff of abdl community.

    I was never betwetter or something i just tried a diaper once and i liked it way too much and I also used pads.

    I get some from the packages I buy for my grandma. store brands are the best for me since i like to sleep with them in occasion.

    Hail everybody.

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    Hey Tyron, welcome to ADISC .

    I see you found your way over to the intro forum. Thanks for introducing yourself!
    Now that you're here and in the process of getting to know people, what else are you interested in? What do you do in your spare time? Me, I'm an Internet junkie who lives online , but I also play video games and watch hockey games whenever they're on (coming soon!)

    Hope you enjoy your stay here. Feel free to hop in.

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    Do you play any sports or that?

    I used to play women's rugby but I'm not at uni now so no time!

    Welcome to ADISC and I look forward to hearing more about you soon

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