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Thread: So, I guess shyness is not an option.

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    Default So, I guess shyness is not an option.

    Hi, I'm Rachel, and I'm experimenting to figure out where in the ab/dl spectrum I am, if anywhere. I'm transgendered, a tabletop gamer, and an amateur cook.

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    Shyness is certainly an option but there might be a bit of figurative poking and prodding regardless. Welcome to the site

    We're not looking to know your full name or your address just a little bit about you. It's interesting that you describe yourself as experimenting with the ABDL stuff. Are you coming to this as a conscious choice or do you feel more like you're fulfilling an internal desire? We usually don't ask a lot of ABDL questions of people since that's the area where they tend to overshare or at least cover adequately but your phrasing intrigued me.

    How about the tabletop gaming? RPG stuff? Board games? Card games? I'd mean the first one when I said tabletop but it seems as though the definitions are slippery these days. What's your favorite game or system?

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    welcome to adisc......i think most people start out experimenting before deciding where they fit best on the spectrum. its the same with the glbtq community....most start out questioning and exploring.....anyhow take as much time as you need none of us here will force you to come to a descion,,, oh and this is also a glbtq friendly site and we are all very accepting of each other.....

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    Hello there! and welcome to the forums!

    Everyone else has asked you some pretty awesome questions, but I have the most important one:

    1. Who would you rather be for a day: a pirate or superman?

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