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Thread: Just To Let Ya Know (Farewell thread)

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    Exclamation Just To Let Ya Know (Farewell thread)

    I've decided to leave the site. I could sit here and go on about why for paragraphs, but I don't have any reason to and would feel like I'm giving myself unwarranted importance.
    It was a good run. Thanks for the memories. Been here almost 2 years. In that two years I've changed a ton. So has this site. Unfortunately, we've changed in opposite directions. I'm plain no longer interested in the intentions of this site. That is all, in a nutshell. So, I'll keep checking in here for the next week after today (9/6/2010). In that time, if you're still interested in keeping acquaintance with me, you can PM me and ask me for modes of contact. After that, I'm gone for good. Thus, with that, I bid thee farewell. (Well, not officially. Technically just my 1-week notice..)

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    At first I was going to bitterly ask how that had to do with my post at all, but then I watched it and I think that video made my whole day.

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    Wait, did that have anything to do with it? lol. I'm slow.

    HUGE change of plans. Something big happened.. eh, I'm suspending my farewell till further notice. Unfinished business.
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