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Thread: Your perspective on AB/DL

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    Default Your perspective on AB/DL

    I had read somewhere about someone who became an infantilist to cope with their incontinence. I found this to be a strange, yet interesting, reason to be an infantilist. It was a way of looking at it that I have never considered before. This has sparked my interest and, as a result, I would like to hear about the reasons you decided to become AB/DLs. If you really want to make my day, you could also answer some of these questions.
    •How do you see infantilism in general?
    •How do you think it impacts the infantilist and those around him/her?
    •How accurate do you think common infantilist beliefs are?
    •Anything that may be of interest.
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    Hi LanceAqua, what a good thought provoking idea for a thread here coming from a newer member .

    Hope you don't mind if I've 'spliced' your post up a bit to make it easier to answer without multi-quoting it, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by LanceAqua View Post
    I would like to hear about:

    1. the reasons other people decided to become AB/DLs.
    2. explain to me how you see infantilism in general,
    3. how do you think it impacts how accurate common infantilist beliefs are, and anything that may be of interest.
    1. There are so many reasons, to be honest. For me, it had primarily to do with a deeply routed fascination with diapers and the desire to wear them that started as early as I can remember. I never wanted to stop wearing diapers, and I have always wanted to go back to them. Call me 'functionally' or 'emotionally' incontinent, if you will. Other than that, the rest of the lifestyle was in the background and didn't dominate the scenes at all until after I had been a part of this community for a little while. That's when the AB side of me became more apparent.

    2. I actually, in a way, see it as a bit of a wake-up call to society. Our society has become so infatuated with the fast lane of commuter careers and electronic communication that it has lost a lot of its most basic fundamental touch - a physical and emotional love and caring for those around you. I believe we will continue to see a raise in the number of TBs out there as the society becomes less focused on being physically close and affectionate with family, and more focused on everyone working and electronic modes of communication. That's just one of many theories I have on the subject. People are just looking to replace what has been lost. Of course, there is much more to it than that though.

    3. I believe that a lot of people completely misunderstand infantilism (guess I prefer a term more like 'regression enthusiast' though, as infantilism is actually listed as a psychological disorder that is not related to *BDL per-say). What we are looking for is the most basic and vital beginning nurture that people find in life. The fact that we are searching for it at such a late age, may have something to do with a climatic shift in how much TLC people receive while growing up. Of course, this would be difficult to measure, and again, this is just a speculation of mine. You could probably ask me these questions several times and get a different answer each time, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for posting a thoughtful discussion on the topic .

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    Well that really depends on the person. I have heard many reasons for people going into becoming a Ab/Dl. A few common reasons is people just like the feeling of diapers. It helps them to feel secure in a way. Most just think it's comfy. Another reason people get into this is they like to feel young or small. They still like to play with toys or like the little kids stuff even though society says that we need to grow out of that. And wearing diapers just helps them feel that way.

    Some people believe people become Ab's beacuse of things that happened as children. They were ether neglected or beaten, or just didn't feel like they had a good child hood. I wouldn't know though. I was spanked as a child, but I never was beaten.

    As for why I got into becoming a Tb, I wore goodnights alot because of bed weting. And I liked wearing them. The felt comfy to me. So I would wear the goodnights my mom had for me. Sometimes I wore them when I didn't even need them. As I got older I suddenly started wetting the bed at 8. But my parents were reluctant to use diapers. Too expensive for them. Around 12 they got some for me because they didn't want me to pee the bed when we were in Colarado. So I used them then, but I wet them by my own free will.

    Thats all I can realy explain to you. I could probaly tell you more, but I am tired and need to go to bed soon anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceAqua View Post
    •How do you see infantilism in general?
    •How do you think it impacts the infantilist and those around him/her?
    •How accurate do you think common infantilist beliefs are?
    •Anything that may be of interest.
    Hm... well in order:
    1. I see infantilism as misunderstood. A lot of people might find it weird, but that is only because they don't understand it. Some people, as you said, use it to cope with things like incontinence or something else. Others, like myself, think it is fun and use it to lower stress. Others may like it for sexual reasons. People in general just think it is some weird fetish that only pedophiles would do, which it is clearly not.
    2. Hm... the infantilist could know they are a AB/DL/whatever, or not. If they are not, they are probably confused and think they are strange of some sort. If they do know, they may not except it and might try to hide it, while others don't. So it kind of depends on how it impacts themeselves, while impacting others is different. I'd say 9/10 people who know that the person is infantilism would think he/she is a freak, while 1/10 would understand and think of it as normal or a way to cope with things.
    3. As I said in #1, it is misunderstood and people think of it as being weird. Did you know it is actually a disorder? Screw that :P. That's bull right there. Most people would probably handle someone they know as a infantilist in a different way. Some might ignore it, some might ignore him/her thinking he/she is strange, others would except it.
    4. Interest? Hm............ I don't know :P

    And there you have it.

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    1. For me, AB and DL are separate. I've always been a DL, so I can't give you a reason why. I just am. I'm an AB by choice. Pretty much it's the cute side of it. Almost everything DL related is sexual for me, and everything AB is stress relief.

    2. Most infantilists that I know aren't known by others around them, so as a whole the only thing that is indirectly effected is stress levels. If I regress, my stress is lowered, and therefor I can get allong with others around me better. By transitive property, the impact is positive.

    3. I'm not really sure what this is asking. What belief are you talking about? The only way I can think of answering this question is by replacing "belief" with "morals." I think that the morals of an infantilist are unrelated to the fact that they are an infantilist. The only thing that I've seen that directly relates is that infantilists have a more open mind. But this is true for anyone with an odd interests. It's almost hypocritical to think someone else is weird for what they like when you enjoy something that the general public would label as weird.

    4. Nope, I've pretty much said all I can.

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    for me my interest in diapers goes back to when I was a toddler and was forced into potty training before I was ready in the early 1970's
    I didn't become incontinent untill 2006 and I have been glad to be back in diapers since then.
    I wish todays adult and baby diapers were as big and bulky as the diapers of the 1970's and 1980's were.

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    •How do you see infantilism in general?
    I see it as a stress reliever/ coping mechanism.

    •How do you think it impacts the infantilist and those around him/her?
    For me... I seem to be happier when I'm diapered, safer and just overall friendlier and it helps with daily stress and what not.

    •How accurate do you think common infantilist beliefs are?
    I don't quite get this question.

    •Anything that may be of interest.
    Well I was a DL first.... then I became an infantilist. I always had AB Tendencies but I decided to explore them later on after I finally got diapers and what not. I used to use infantilism to cope with my loneliness, I was single for a while and being rejected by women left and right.... I saw infantilism as a way to just cope with all the rejection. It would make me feel better, safer, loved. Specially since I had people who where willing to take care of me. Role Play with me ya know? They filled a void... eventually I found my fiancee and she filles every void in my life now. XD But yeah I just use it to cope with stress and my pending independence and all that crap.... *sigh*

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    I see infantalism as just a way of releasing stress and well going back to a stress-free environment, infancy.

    I think that we are in a way, unique. And I would rather be different than be an ordinary egotistical jerk in the world.

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    For those of you who did not understand what I meant by "Infantilist beliefs" in my poorly explained question, I was talking about common ideas infantilists have concerning their infantilism. For example some believe that once an infantilist always an infantilist or that infantilism is normal. There are a few more which you have probably read before. So, if you can tell me whether or not you agree with them and explain why, that would be wonderful. I will try to update my first post if my internet connection will let me.

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