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    I've been meaning to jump on-board for some time now, but I am finally doing so!

    I'm very absurd + talk a bunch of nonsense (I think being too serious can be very lame, but that also does not mean I think of myself as a rad person...) --- I'm a wacky, horrible artiste (the music, drawings/paintings and short films) living minimally and still searching for a direction. I hope I don't whine too much. I got lotsa interests, but y'know it's always tiring typing each one out and I feel it gets too repetitive --- I may be a bit lazy here, but I gotta keep the lollygagger spirit!

    Short list of interests: 60's counterculture, recycling + the environment, travels, collecting records, explorations, punk rock... If you really wanna keep digging out more from me, don't be afraid... it's also getting late and I feel I've bored you out of your mind by now. Great to be here, and I hope all of you are well. Take care!!


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    Welcome to the site! don't be afraid to post :P. What punk rock bands are your favorite?

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    Wooo awesome intro

    Loving your attitude as well!

    What sort of short films do you do?

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    I enjoy the nihilistic side of punk rock, so the electric eels are probably in my top, with things following such as Black Flag with Keith Morris (I can never get over the Nervous Breakdown ep), Chester Vomit and the Dry Heaves... too much to go on. A lot of overlooked stuff. But don't get me wrong, I still put on the usuals: Cramps, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers... ya know where it goes from there.

    It has been a while since I did an actual short film (I need to gain back my motivation)... but the last one was a very awful nature show, with fake accents and everything. We'd discover animals, especially ones we had never seen before --- really un-entertaining, trust me!
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