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    Default Hi everyone

    Ive never joined anything like this before so i dont really know what to say. My names James, im 18 and from Reading, England (its quite near London). I really enjoy playing and watching football (soccer to you americans). I just got into university in Bournemouth which should be pretty amazing.
    Im just a normal guy really but always had an interest in wetting/ab/tb and i really enjoy reading the stories from your forum, so i decided to join.
    Thats it really

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    Hey welcome to ADISC Don't worry about not knowing what to say, you've made a good start! Here are some linkies for you to read which might help you, and they're a good reference for the rules and suchlike:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    In the meantime here are some questions for you:

    - what clubs and societies will you join at uni?
    - will you go catered or self catered at halls? Or even skip halls altogether and get a flat?
    - what's your favourite meal?
    - do you prefer apples or bananas?
    - what position do you play in football?


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    Thanks for the links, I've read over most of them now.
    To answer your questions.. Im looking to join as many clubs as possible in freshers week at uni, just to get involved since i'll know absolutely no one. I keep telling myself ill learn to play the guitar too, but I doubt that'll happen. I wanted to get halls in the town, because thats where all the nightlife is, but I was given a shared it looks like i'll be sharing with 3 randon people haha.
    Favourite meal? gotta be either spaguetti bolognaise or chinese
    Definately prefer apples to bananas, but love a babana milkshake.
    And I play midfield in football, centre or right. Like to think of myself as an undiscovered Cristiano Ronaldo, but im lying to myself really on that one, since I play for the local pub team.

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    Haha good for you on the football front! We all need dreams, right?

    As to the shared house thing: I lived in a shared house in my first year at uni and it was an awesome experience! Make the most of it, since these are the people you will most likely stay with for the rest of uni

    Get involved as much as possible! I ended up playing rugby at uni! I was pathetically weak but somehow made it into the womens starting first team a few times

    I hate milkshake, so apples are my fav too

    Welcome to ADISC

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    Yeah its a 4 year course so i'll have to make the most of it :P I go in a couple of weeks, scary stuff! No idea how im going to manage to run a house hahaa. Which uni did you go to?

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    You'll manage! Just get into a routine! Even if it's a rubbish one, where once a week you just wash all your dishes and wipe the counters down before letting everything build up again

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    What is your favorite team? I would guess Reading (being you are from Reading :P) but just in case it isn't

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    Welcome to the forums James, you will be surprised to know there's someone else from Reading too! If you want to know PM me and i will ask his permission to give his user name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    What is your favorite team? I would guess Reading (being you are from Reading :P) but just in case it isn't
    Yep I support Reading, such a frustrating team to like haa, I was a season ticket holder for a couple of seasons too. Who do you support?

    And Coyote, thanks but im fine

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    You'll enjoy Bournemouth uni, one of the campuses is next to KFC and the clubs are fantastic. Welcome to the site !!!

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