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    Hi I'm John and I didn't read another introduction to know how this goes so sorry if I write this bad or something.

    I was born on october 18, 1994 [names removed]. My mom is ADHD, and something else. All my mom will do all day is just yell, and yell, and yell some more. My dad is bi-polar, and ADHD. My dad comes from a backround where everyone was litterally crazy, his parents all killed themselves. My mom comes from a backround of alchaholics, smokers, and, some kind of mental disease that makes them eratic and freak out, all day. Luckily I'm 15 and not showing much signs of mental illness.

    When I was a newborn baby my parents were constantly fighting. My mom would just cuss out my dad, and my dad would lieve the house. After a while my parents got divorced. I went with my mom. My dad didn't have a job so it was obvious I was going with my mom. When I was a toddler my mom never loved me, my mom was a VERY good looking stripper at the time so she just bought me all the toys I wanted, but it still wasn't the same. And I spent the weekend over my dads house like every 2 weeks and my mom and I claimed he abused me and raped me, so I didn't see him anymore. So I grew up with my mom, and she yelled and hit me a lot. I really wish my mom could love me though. I think this contributed to my feelings as a tb/dl.

    My baby age is 2.5. I'm mostly a dl, but i'm also a toddler. I have a large fasination with pampers diapers because thier covered with colors and charecters. In roleplay I would be a toddler that will run around and play, and explore. I wanna wear pullups because they bring a lot of memories. I will use the bathroom in my diapers and cuddle with my parents. But it might be hard cuz I'm pretty tall.

    Well I guess that's my story. Talk to me, I garuntee I'll make you laugh.

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    Welcome to the site dude. Although, I can only express my deepest sympathies for you, no child should ever have to go through that. I hope wounds are mended.

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    Wow that's a really in depth intro! I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to you!

    Let's move this onto a more cheery note and talk about... music and movies! (Haha I feel like a quiz show host announcing the topic of the next question!)

    Questions for you:

    1. All time favourite band?
    2. All time favourite song?
    3. All time favourite movie?
    4. All time favourite actor?
    5. What's currently on your bedsheets? (hint: I'm not looking for the answer "semen", I'm looking for a colour or design! ) (That was the oddball question!)

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    Lol it's cool. I didn't think I went though much.. And talula I'm 99% sure that was copy and pasted.

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    It wasn't I'm afraid! I do ask similar questions of most newbies, but I type them all out individually! Ask Charlie F, he has to sit through me hammering away on the keyboard each time

    Gonna answer them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    It wasn't I'm afraid! I do ask similar questions of most newbies, but I type them all out individually! Ask Charlie F, he has to sit through me hammering away on the keyboard each time
    Hmm, Tulabot?
    Private-ish joke.

    Unrelated to that, welcome to the site, johnnycakes. Good on you for locating the IRC. I hope you'll find the place to your liking. Keep reading, get a good feel for the how things fit together and join in when you're so inclined.

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    YOu were born on many days...and have many accounts here. Sayonara!

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