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    Red face Hi hi

    Hi. My name is Moira (call me Aiden) im a 16 year old (as of 9/7), genderqueer, teenbaby and babyfur. Nobody in my family or friends knows i'm a teenbaby. So most people know me as my babyfur form. A three year old little girl wolf. My favorite toys are my pink bunbun named Edward. And a penguin named Havoc. I enjoy drinking from my bottle and my sippycup when alone. I'm currently a junior in hs, and for fun i wrestle, draw, and play lacrosse. Aiden

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    Welcome to Adisc!

    I took a class on lacrosse, but I wasn't very good at it. How long have you played lacrosse?

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    Ooooh I was vice captain of the lacrosse team at school, but we got made to abandon the team because we were too violent and got kicked out of the independant schools league we were in! Shame

    You've told us all about your fetish side, but all we know about you as a person is that you play lacrosse! Care to share some more?

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